Hello and welcome to the new and exciting website of the Brooklyn Buffalo Troopers Motorcycle Club. It is truly our pleasure to have you tour our site, and if you like what you see, then don’t hesitate, come join us by either filling out an on line application or just by contacting one of the Troopers.


The Brooklyn Buffalo Troopers Motorcycle Club of New York Inc., is a non-profit organization comprised of people of African decent, men and women, dedicated to the love of riding motorcycles, and to the education of all people as it pertains to the understanding of African History, American History, all the same.


We ride under the name of the Brooklyn Buffalo Troopers, to express our love and deep respect we have for the role that was greatly enhanced by former slaves of the Ninth and Tenth U.S. Calvary units that were used to assist in the building of this country.


It is imperative that we, the older generation assist in the reeducation of our young people, so that they will have a reference in the formation of their foundation to ignite and strengthen their values for their future.